Year: 2023


Today I bib long jump and shot put and we went 1th plast in the rast and I came 2sdin shot put and I came 1th in long jump and then we celebrated and then I went back to school and then went to the hall and then the ball went and then we went home.

Market day

On wednesday we had a school gala and we got 5 tickets and we had a ice block for free and then we got a Christmas tree that they made a Christmas tree out wood and we made a pencil case out of toilet paper rollsand and then I got a spinning top and then I went to get a friendship bracelet but there were no more.

I enjoyed using all of my tokens. I did well at making my pencil case. I need to improve on using my last token.

Happy HalloWeen

Today I finished my Halloween poster.  We are doing Halloween themed tasks if we’d like to because it was Halloween.  For my design, I chose to draw a Jack-O-Lantern because it’s cool.  I did well at tracing it, and picking matching colours.  I need to improve on making the title look better.  Here is my work :

Shot Put

Today I learnt about how to do shot put and I came second place.  I got signed into the discus team for interschools for athletics aswell.  Discus is flat, and shot put is like a heavy metal ball that you push not throw.  You put it inside your neck and push from there.  I enjoyed playing shotput.  I need to improve on my aim.  I think I did well at pushing the ball out and even got second place. 

Observation of ice.

Today we did an ice experiment and observation and we were looking at 3 types of ice to see which one would melt the fastest.  The ice with salt and ice with tin foil and ice and all the ice. We put the ice on the plate and watched the ice melt. The one with the tin foil and the one with the salt and the ice with tin foil won.