Tag: Summer Learning Journey

Summer Learning Journey.Super seesaw

Today i did summer Learing journey.

First i got string then I got a paper and tube and then I get a spork.

Next I got the spork  then i get the string and the tube. I put them together then I get a cup then I get the dice then I get the spork then I tied the spork with the tube i put the dice on the spork then i test withthe cup.

Treasure hunt -Summer Learning journey.

This week  I did the summer Learning journey.

first I got same items and then I got a colouring in pen then I got a papar then a cup and then I got a tube then a ruler and then Leaf  then I got a Stone and then cardboard.

Next I did a photo and then I did the photo on to the Treasure hunt of the Google drawing then I did the labeld.








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