Tag: HPE


Today I did swimming and we focused on dolphin dives, crocodile snap, swimming boards and freestyle.

I enjoyed the whole swimming. I need to improve on teamwork. I did well at dolphine dives.



Discus and Shotput

Today I did discus and shotput.

First we did discus. We had to make a little line between our fingers and then we put the discus between our hand and then we have to make our hand low to the ground and then release it.

Next we did shotput. Shotput is when you have to put the ball on the side of your chin and then point and the push the ball when your ready.

I did good at pushing the ball.

I need to imrpove on pushing the ball further more.

I did well at pushing the ball.

Kelly Sport.

Today I learnt about long jump.

First I did long jump but I have to run and then jump.

Then I had to have my arms at the back andI have to jump and swing your arms forward and Push mowmentum forward.