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Emotive Language

Today we learned about emotive language emotive language are words that make you feel strong emotion here are some. Examples: Anger. Devestated. Stress. Tired. Bored.

First we went away with a piece of paper and a Chromebook a research about emotive language. And whoever gets the most words will get a Dojo Point.

I enjoyed writing. I need to improve on writing more sentences. I did well at helping others.

How to make soup using a crock pot

Today i did soup and if you follow the steps you can have yummy soup. First we had to learn procedural text. TEMPS is the structure. 

Miss White gave us ingredients and talked us through how to cook soup. We had to write our own recipe.

I did well at using what i already knew about cooking. I enjoyed talking about chicken stock. I need to improve on writing the ingredients and materials.

Formal Letter to Santa

Today I did Formal Letter to Santa. First I have to have a Address and then I had to have  a Date and then I had to have a Greeting . I had to have a body then I had  a Closing of the letter and then I had to Have a Signature.

Next I did my letter to santa then I wrote the date I did the Greeting I did closing and then I did Signature.


Hi I am James 


I live with my mum and dad in Auckland. My father’s name is Billy Bob and he works with a lot of bikes. My mother cooks nice food and my brother and sister and cousin like to sit together and eat.

While we were eating the ground started to shake! There were 3 ZOMBIES outside shouting “brains, brains.”

I went to my room and closed the windows and the others all went and locked down all the windows and doors so that the zombies couldn’t get in. My mum turned on the tv to discover what was happening – it was a zombie apocalypse!!

Compound Sentences

The two men are washing the windows and two men are wiping the windows.

The man is standing in the snow but the car is driving past.

The black bike is slow but the blue bike is faster. 

The man is holding a camera and the girl is playing a guitar.

The ball is in the air so the man will hit it.                                                                                                                                             

 The seagull is eating and the lady is looking at the birds.

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