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Point of View Template

Today i did Point of View Template and we ask yes or no we Should do plastic free Challenge and i said we should have a plastic free challenge so we can save our animals and they don’t eat the rubbish around our school. And so the dogs and cats don’t choke on it.

I did well at doing it myself. I enjoyed looking up about the great pacific garbage patch. I need to improve on adding more detail.

Victoria Cross

I have learnt that the men who went to war are brave and strong. They put others before themselves. The Victoria Cross for Australia is the pre-eminent award for acts of bravery in wartime and Australia’s highest military honour. It is awarded to persons who, in the presence of the enemy, display the most conspicuous gallantry; a daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice; or extreme devotion to duty.


Should pets be allowed on public Transport.

Today I learnt about animals allowed on public transport.

To think about both sides of an issue.

First dogs are dangerous because a dogs can bite but you can have a leash to no let the dogs bite other people. Next we can have a leash to have the dog to Not fight the people so people does not get hurt from dogs. Muzzle As for not people to get hurt And it can be free without a Leash And so the people can be safe and if dog stays home they could.

I did Wellington Helping my group I need to improve on Helping my friend Curtis out I enjoyed writeing.

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