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Blog Statistics

Ls2 has learned and made statistics of there blogs over the years, we analysed all of our data and made a conclusion of what we found out and why there were differences. We also learned about, means, medians, and modes. Means are the total of numbers didvided by the amount of numbers there are, Medians are the middle of sorted numbers, and Modes are the numbers that appear the most.

I found this activity fun because I could understand means.

Marble Maze.

Today I did a Marble Maze.

  1. First Design your maze on a google side.
  2. Next then print the peper out then you glue the peper and the Cardboard Together
  3. Then you glue the outside with a Straws
  4. then you glue the inside of the Maze then you put the Straws on to the Maze
  5. then you glue
  6. then you Test  the Maze.

I did well at glueing. I enjoyed designing it. I need to improve on Drawing.

Matching Fractions

Today we were learning Matching Fractions in Maths and we put them in order with cut out pieces.

We had halves, thirds, quarters, fourths, fifths, tenths, and then we completed the task.

The three photos show the fraction pieces we put them in order of 1/2 and 1/3 and 1/4 and 1/5 and 1/10 . The top number is called a numerator and bottom number is a denominator.

I enjoyed making the different shapes to show fractions.

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