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Blog Statistics

Ls2 has learned and made statistics of there blogs over the years, we analysed all of our data and made a conclusion of what we found out and why there were differences. We also learned about, means, medians, and modes. Means are the total of numbers didvided by the amount of numbers there are, Medians are the middle of sorted numbers, and Modes are the numbers that appear the most.

I found this activity fun because I could understand means.

Kelly Sport.

Today I learnt about long jump.

First I did long jump but I have to run and then jump.

Then I had to have my arms at the back andI have to jump and swing your arms forward and Push mowmentum forward.

Matching Fractions

Today we were learning Matching Fractions in Maths and we put them in order with cut out pieces.

We had halves, thirds, quarters, fourths, fifths, tenths, and then we completed the task.

The three photos show the fraction pieces we put them in order of 1/2 and 1/3 and 1/4 and 1/5 and 1/10 . The top number is called a numerator and bottom number is a denominator.

I enjoyed making the different shapes to show fractions.


Hi I am James 


I live with my mum and dad in Auckland. My father’s name is Billy Bob and he works with a lot of bikes. My mother cooks nice food and my brother and sister and cousin like to sit together and eat.

While we were eating the ground started to shake! There were 3 ZOMBIES outside shouting “brains, brains.”

I went to my room and closed the windows and the others all went and locked down all the windows and doors so that the zombies couldn’t get in. My mum turned on the tv to discover what was happening – it was a zombie apocalypse!!

Compound Sentences

The two men are washing the windows and two men are wiping the windows.

The man is standing in the snow but the car is driving past.

The black bike is slow but the blue bike is faster. 

The man is holding a camera and the girl is playing a guitar.

The ball is in the air so the man will hit it.                                                                                                                                             

 The seagull is eating and the lady is looking at the birds.

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