Observation of ice.

Today we did an ice experiment and observation and we were looking at 3 types of ice to see which one would melt the fastest.  The ice with salt and ice with tin foil and ice and all the ice. We put the ice on the plate and watched the ice melt. The one with the tin foil and the one with the salt and the ice with tin foil won.


Point of View Template

Today i did Point of View Template and we ask yes or no we Should do plastic free Challenge and i said we should have a plastic free challenge so we can save our animals and they don’t eat the rubbish around our school. And so the dogs and cats don’t choke on it.

I did well at doing it myself. I enjoyed looking up about the great pacific garbage patch. I need to improve on adding more detail.

Dancing Raisins

Today I did Dancing Raisins with Miss Tele’a and some of the cashews aswell.  We were observing and describing the behaviour of raisins in a carbonated beverage.  Carbonated means fizzy.  First we had to put Sprite into a glass. Then we put raisins in one by one, and compared it with cashews. Here is my scientific method :



Today I did swimming and we focused on dolphin dives, crocodile snap, swimming boards and freestyle.

I enjoyed the whole swimming. I need to improve on teamwork. I did well at dolphine dives.



Emotive Language

Today we learned about emotive language emotive language are words that make you feel strong emotion here are some. Examples: Anger. Devestated. Stress. Tired. Bored.

First we went away with a piece of paper and a Chromebook a research about emotive language. And whoever gets the most words will get a Dojo Point.

I enjoyed writing. I need to improve on writing more sentences. I did well at helping others.

How to make soup using a crock pot

Today i did soup and if you follow the steps you can have yummy soup. First we had to learn procedural text. TEMPS is the structure. 

Miss White gave us ingredients and talked us through how to cook soup. We had to write our own recipe.

I did well at using what i already knew about cooking. I enjoyed talking about chicken stock. I need to improve on writing the ingredients and materials.

Victoria Cross

I have learnt that the men who went to war are brave and strong. They put others before themselves. The Victoria Cross for Australia is the pre-eminent award for acts of bravery in wartime and Australia’s highest military honour. It is awarded to persons who, in the presence of the enemy, display the most conspicuous gallantry; a daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice; or extreme devotion to duty.


Water Filteration

Today I learnt about  a Water Filteration.  I put the rocks on top to filter out large leaves, sticks, and pther large objects. Next I placed the sand into my water bottle. The sand filters out a lot of the smaller pieces of rubbish, small bugs, insects, etc.  Lastly I placed cotton balls at the bottom to help clean out any rubbish that was left over. I think this would clean the dirty water out well, but it would still be better to boil the left over watee befoe drinking it. 


This week I was doing PE.  First, I did burpees and then I ran six times.  Then we had to go down 2 except for the runs.  Then I did 8 burpees and another 6 runs, then I had to 6 burpees and 6 runs.  Then I did 4 more burpees and 6 runs, but my asthma came up.  Next I went to the office and asked for an asthma pump.  I still perservered and tried my best in PE even after my asthma.

I did well at persevering.  I need to improve on haveing no asthma.


I learned about WITS.  W means walk away and I means ignore and T means talk about it and then S means seek help.

We use WITS to look after each othe and learn how to get out of situations.

I enjoyed typing. I did well at crating a cool DLO. I need to improve on usingmy WITS.