Water Pollution

Today  for Inquiry I did water pollution.   Plastic gets melted and created into bottles then they fill it up with water.  They sell the bottles and people drink them and chuck them into the rubbish bins.  The bottles go into the water and fish eat it.  Then we eat the fish – so technically that means we eat microplastics all the time.

class Rules



I learnt about class Rules and they are be kind and respect others then Stay on task then Use class items respectfully

then Use an inside voice then Look after your chromebooks then Listen and look at the speaker and walk inside

and then If you need to leave the class tell your teacher

and Name on board for the bathroom.

Summer Learning Journey.Super seesaw

Today i did summer Learing journey.

First i got string then I got a paper and tube and then I get a spork.

Next I got the spork  then i get the string and the tube. I put them together then I get a cup then I get the dice then I get the spork then I tied the spork with the tube i put the dice on the spork then i test withthe cup.

Summer Learning Journey

Today I did the Summer Learning Journey.

First I drew the Mona Lisa on Google drawing using a copy of the original.

Next, I took a picture of the Mona Lisa and outlined it and then I had to put it togather.

I enjoyed drawing it and I did will at takeing a picture  and I need to improve on my drawing  a bit.



Tempperature vs Time.

This week I did Tempperature vs time.

five first I do the turn the Hot water on then I have to have the timer on for 5  minutes then I put the ice pack in to the Hot water.

Next I have to wait every five minutes then I can look at the thermometer then I wait for five minutes then look at the thermometer then I do same basic facts boxes and then I fell in my basic facts boxes then I look at the temperature of the thermometer.

Treasure hunt -Summer Learning journey.

This week  I did the summer Learning journey.

first I got same items and then I got a colouring in pen then I got a papar then a cup and then I got a tube then a ruler and then Leaf  then I got a Stone and then cardboard.

Next I did a photo and then I did the photo on to the Treasure hunt of the Google drawing then I did the labeld.








Should pets be allowed on public Transport.

Today I learnt about animals allowed on public transport.

To think about both sides of an issue.

First dogs are dangerous because a dogs can bite but you can have a leash to no let the dogs bite other people. Next we can have a leash to have the dog to Not fight the people so people does not get hurt from dogs. Muzzle As for not people to get hurt And it can be free without a Leash And so the people can be safe and if dog stays home they could.

I did Wellington Helping my group I need to improve on Helping my friend Curtis out I enjoyed writeing.

Marble Maze.

Today I did a Marble Maze.

  1. First Design your maze on a google side.
  2. Next then print the peper out then you glue the peper and the Cardboard Together
  3. Then you glue the outside with a Straws
  4. then you glue the inside of the Maze then you put the Straws on to the Maze
  5. then you glue
  6. then you Test  the Maze.

I did well at glueing. I enjoyed designing it. I need to improve on Drawing.

Formal Letter to Santa

Today I did Formal Letter to Santa. First I have to have a Address and then I had to have  a Date and then I had to have a Greeting . I had to have a body then I had  a Closing of the letter and then I had to Have a Signature.

Next I did my letter to santa then I wrote the date I did the Greeting I did closing and then I did Signature.

kelly spont

Today I did kelly spont

obstacle course

First I had to go in a line then I had to do  Zig Zag well runing and then I do 5 star jumps and then I had to go to the skipping rope and then I skipd to the back of the line.