Soccer skiIIs

Today Ls1 learnt new soccer skills. First we did a warm up.

I kicked the ball in a triangle with the inside of my foot.

Next we did a relay game kicking the ball and dribbling the ball.

The last game we had was to tag the other team when we dribble the ball.


Hi I am James 


I live with my mum and dad in Auckland. My father’s name is Billy Bob and he works with a lot of bikes. My mother cooks nice food and my brother and sister and cousin like to sit together and eat.

While we were eating the ground started to shake! There were 3 ZOMBIES outside shouting “brains, brains.”

I went to my room and closed the windows and the others all went and locked down all the windows and doors so that the zombies couldn’t get in. My mum turned on the tv to discover what was happening – it was a zombie apocalypse!!


In reading we learnt about World War 1

I learnt that they dig undeground, so that they can protect them from guns

I learnt that the soldiers used periscopes so to look over the trenches

I liked learning about WorId War 1



Compound Sentences

The two men are washing the windows and two men are wiping the windows.

The man is standing in the snow but the car is driving past.

The black bike is slow but the blue bike is faster. 

The man is holding a camera and the girl is playing a guitar.

The ball is in the air so the man will hit it.                                                                                                                                             

 The seagull is eating and the lady is looking at the birds.

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